Mike Dodd's Motor Trends is one of the largest online auto dealers in the United States. We inventory a wide variety of vehicles and sell and deliver them to our customers all over the world. Our revolutionary discount pricing model allows retail consumers to pay the same price that dealers pay us every day for every vehicle in our vast inventory.

Over one third of our vehicles are sold directly to other new and used car dealers across the nation that simply purchase our vehicles and raise the price to sell it on their retail lot ... the good news is you pay the exact same price the Dealers pay when you buy a vehicle from Motor Trends. We don't raise the price for our retail clientele one red cent! Dealer or not, you always get the same low price without the dreaded hassles of negotiating and arguing. We sell thousands of cars and WE SELL THEM FOR LESS!

“A Better Way To Buy A Car”
Motor Trend is a registered Trade Mark. Mike Dodd's Motor Trends is independently owned and operated.
Mike Dodd's Motor Trends is in no way or form affiliated or associated with Motor Trend the Magazine.